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Additional lump sum expenses

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Assumed cash interest rate = 5%

Income to be maintained

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Compare Life Insurance Quotes and Apply Instantly

miPlan was the first company in Australia to provide instant life insurance comparisons and the ability to apply for cover directly online.

Founded by experienced insurance brokers, our mission is to reduce the cost of providing basic life insurance.

Our online solution allows you to compare premiums from Australia’s leading life insurance companies, helping you find the cheapest life insurance policy for you and your family.

The miPlan site is also backed by real life insurance specialists who are happy to answer any questions and who will be there to represent you in the event of a claim.

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Waiting Period

The waiting period, with income protection, determines how long you are unable to work before the policy begins paying your income. For example, with a 30 day waiting period you would begin receiving payments after 31 days.

Income protection should be used to protect against long term illness, therefore try and select a waiting period that matches your financial situation. It is important to note that the shorter the waiting period the higher the premium.

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Tal Goprotect


Monthly Premium

Product Guide


TAL Life Insurance Additional detail
TPD (Disability) Cover Optional Extra If you are diagnosed totally & permanently disabled (TPD), you will be paid your full benefit
Entry Ages 19 – 60 You can apply for this product if your age next birthday lies within this range
Policy Expires Life Cover: Age 70
TPD Cover: Age 65
The policy will expire on the policy anniversary before you turn this age
Benefit Levels Minimum: $100,000
Maximum $1,000,000
The benefit is the amount you will be paid in the event of death or disability
Cooling Off Period 30 days You can cancel your policy any time within the cooling off period and you will not be charged
Coverage WORLDWIDE (unless country has ‘Do Not Travel’ warning) Protect your family’s financial security, with cover applying 24 hours a day in these locations
Medical Requirements None There are no medical tests required to obtain this insurance
Premium Frequency Monthly Insurance premium paid by monthly instalments to help you manage your budget
Application Process Online Complete your application online in about 10 minutes..
Terminal Illness Benefit Yes Your life insurance benefit is paid prior to death if you are deemed to have less than 12 months to live
Nomination of Beneficiary Yes Your benefit is paid directly to your nominated beneficiary, giving you greater control over who gets the money
Inflation Protection Yes Insured value automatically increases at least 5% per year to protect you against inflation
Note: Please read the applicable Product Disclosure Statement made available to you at the start of the application process for full details on your chosen personal insurance products